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Don Townsend
Highly Entertaining Mind Reader Show 
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Mentalist Don Townsend Don's unique brand of entertainment is guaranteed to have your attendees singing your praises for planning the perfect event!

You can relax knowing your guests will all be laughing and having fun with time tested, sure fire entertainment.  

"Don did a fantastic job entertaining our corporate guests.  He engaged each guest with his ability to read their minds - even the skeptics became believers! Don was so personable, professional, and funny – I would recommend him for any event looking for “WOW” entertainment."

Suzy Doerbecker
Creative Director | AIRes  Corporation

Hysterically funny audience participation makes this a show that everyone loves.

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Don Townsend is the Orlando based corporate entertainer you can count on to make your next event a huge success!  Some people refer to Don as a mind magician or a mind illusionist, perhaps a psychological entertainer or a mentalist.  Whatever term you may use, they all agree it is an amazing show full of LAUGH OUT LOUD FUN.

One of the
 Best Corporate Entertainers in Orlando

One of the busiest Orlando entertainers mentalists Don Townsend performs mentalists shows throughout Orlando, FL. Known as a party mind magician providing incredible psychological magic shows in Orlando, Florida and Buena Vista.  Magic for corporate events, college and university shows, weddings, and even birthday parties in Orlando Florida, Buena Vista, Florida, and throughout the US.  For parties mentalist and unforgettable mind reading shows. If you live in Orlando fl or Buena Vista or Florida you have probably seen this mentalist at parties and corporate conventions or events.

What is a mentalist?  Mentalists use nonverbal queues and influence to accomplish apparent impossibilities.  Mind Magicians in Orlando give the appearance of ESP, but to be clear it is Not ESP, Not ESP Orlando, Not ESP Florida.  Don’s Mentalist Show in Orlando illustrates the performers amazing psychological demonstrations.  Mind Reader and extraordinary corporate entertainer of entertainers in Florida, famous for magic and illusionists shows in Florida.  A Mentalist is often believed to be psychic THIS IS NOT the case, Not ESP Florida, Not ESP Orlando. 

Don is known as one of the Premier Entertainers in Orlando, and Orlando is known for Magic and Entertainers, so when you are looking for the top magician, a Magicians Magician in Orlando, look no farther.  Orlando Magician Don Townsend will have your group laughing and clapping, 

Magicians of the mind consider Townsend a leader in this field, not just in Florida, but among all mind Illusionists.  This show includes hilarious comedy.  Funny comedians here in Orlando agree this is hysterical audience participation and comedy seen regularly throughout Florida and beyond. Whether you group him with mentalists, magicians, illusionists, comedians, Psychological Entertainers or Psychological Illusionists, entertainer Don Townsend will make you a hero for making your next event in Orlando Florida the best ever!  Florida NotESP.com has nothing to do with any psychic phenomenon it is strictly fun corporate and event entertainment for Orlando FL.

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