What is a Micro-Expression and Why Should I Care?

What is a Micro-Expression and Why Should I Care?

"Micro-expression" is a term coined by Dr. Paul Ekman, the individual whose research inspired the TV show "Lie to Me." It refers to split-second expressions that appear naturally on a person's face when they intentionally or unintentionally conceal how they feel.

Micro expressions are often difficult to recognize without a lot of training and practice because they appear so fleetingly between more obvious natural or forced expressions. However, they're very helpful for reading people and recognizing deception because of their universal consistency.

When I say universal consistency, I refer to Dr. Ekman's research. The interesting thing about micro-expressions is they don't seem to vary by language, culture, race, ethnicity, or gender. Dr. Ekman cites studies that took place across multiple continents, from major cities to the most remote regions of the world where people hadn't even been exposed to television or the internet. His amazing discovery was that basic micro-expressions are the same everywhere, on everyone, apparently a byproduct of being human, not a product of our environment or experiences.

These universal, naturally occurring responses open up some unique opportunities.

In my case, as a mentalist whose job it is to create the illusion of reading minds, I'm sure you can see how studying micro-expressions pays off. You might even see some areas where it might be helpful for you. Perhaps some insight into what your boss is really thinking might be useful; maybe it would be helpful to recognize micro-expressions on the sales manager when negotiating for your new car; or it might be nice to be aware of how your significant other is really feeling.

Today, police departments, TSA, FBI, and multiple other agencies are instructing their people in how to read micro-expressions, even making it required training in many instances. If you would like to learn more about micro-expressions and their creator, go to paulekman.com. To see surefire entertainment that provides jaw-dropping mind reading and laugh-out-loud fun using these skills, book me for your next corporate event or other gathering.

By Don Townsend

Don Townsend is an Orlando entertainer that provides jaw dropping laugh out loud corporate entertainment with his astounding mentalist act.

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